Astrid Göransson

This is a selection of Astrids polaroids that she keep in two well thumbed cardboard boxes in her studio. Most of the images were taken on busy streets or fields filled with people, then there are a few that were shot at home, in the studio – to be able to see or remember what something looked like. Astrid found the camera in 1988 and used it until the film was discontinued in 2008.


Under tjugo års tid fotograferade Astrid Göranson porträtt, på marknader, festivaler och i storstäder, med sin polaroidkamera. Hon använde den också flitigt i ateljén som hjälp i sitt arbete och för att minnas. Nu är några av de tusentals bilderna samlade i bokform.

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256 colour illustrations

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David Skoog  John Skoog

432 out of Richard Vogel’s 480 cameras were in working condition. Each camera in the collection has photographed another,

in order of serial number. The ones with either an absent or indiscernible serial number were placed at the end of the list.

David and John primarily used film and batteries from Richard’s possessions,

but at times additions were necessary.

After photographing and being photographed, the cameras were sold to finance the printing of Two Rooms.

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